Quality FAQs

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I have a question about my AISC Certification invoice, audit date, etc?
For all AISC Certification Program inquires, please contact certification@aisc.org or 312.670.7520 – for all structural steel technical inquiries, please contact the AISC Steel Solutions Center at solutions@aisc.org or 866.ASK.AISC.

How long does it take QMC to conduct a documentation audit?
QMC has 30 days in which to conduct the documentation audit once it is received from AISC Certification.

What is the process for submitting evidence related to a QMC corrective action request (CAR)?
The QMC auditor will leave behind a copy of the CAR(s) and the auditee has 30 days in which to submit their internal CAR response and satisfactory evidence.  Please refer to the CAR Auditee Procedure.  Click here for a copy of the CAR Auditee Procedure.